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The GDA's Pick section of the video player has been updated with a live video of 'I Fought the Law' from Fuse. The player section has been updated with a 'Video Player Poll' so you guys can vote for the video you'd like to see up there next.

The official site says there's some big news coming on Tuesday.

Musicians Friend has listed the signature Billie Joe Les Paul Junior guitar for sale at $1,469. The guitar will go on sale October 6th acorrding to that page (though it's available for pre-order now). Better start saving your pennies.

The Green Day Authority LogoWe finally have the editorial section up with two previous articles we posted. We also added a third article written by Niki Lee called Seize the Green Day. We posted a link to this article last month. Our thanks to her for allowing us to re-post it here.

The donate page has been updated with the list of people who donated for this month. Thanks to everyone who donated, we really appreciate the help.
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July 2019
Happening this month:
Jul 01:
1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours was released 28 years ago.
Jul 02:
Happy 25 year anniversary to Billie Joe and Adrienne.
Shenanigans was released 17 years ago.
Jul 12:
GDA celebrates it's 18 year anniversary today.