There is new book coming out November 7th called "Nobody Likes You: Inside the Turbulent Life, Times, and Music of Green Day" written by author Marc Spitz. You can get more information about the book in our new Green Day Books section. If you'd like you can pre-order the book. The author and publisher have been really great to GDA, and will be sending us some copies to give away. Look forward to that in the next couple weeks.

As i mentioned a couple days ago, we launched a new part to our forum today. The new section for "Media Download Links" includes thousands of live Green Day videos/audio as well as some stuff from Other Bands all for download (of course for free). Our media moderators have been hard at work for the past couple months building up this section, and it looks great. Our forum is the best place to get any Green Day videos you're looking for because of the hundreds of people who upload stuff all the time. So check it out, and enjoy it. Chances are you'll find any video on there before it ends up on the main site.
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October 2018
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Oct 03:
Warning was release 18 years ago today!
Oct 10:
Insomniac was released 23 years ago
Oct 11:
Happy Birthday, Matt! He turns 27 today.
Oct 14:
nimrod. was released 21 years ago.
Oct 31:
Happy Halloween!