Hey everyone, sorry about the lack of updates. School's been kicking my ass the past few weeks, but I'm back to do some work here. So, I changed a few things around, and put up a new poll. I'll be working on other stuff throughout the weekend to try and bring some life back here.

Green Day and U2 are nominated for 'Best Hook Up' in the 2007 MTV Australia Music Video Awards. You can vote for them here. Thanks to Mrs. Hahn for the tip

BabyRock Records - Green DayHonestly, who wouldn't want this? A company called 'Baby Rock Records' is putting out a CD of Green Day songs as lullabies. A bit odd, but I'm still curious about it...

Zakk Wylde (guitarist for Ozzy) has some (mostly) kind words about Billie Joe in a recent interview with a Brazilian magazine. When asked who he thought could "handle the guitar," he replied,
That bastard Billie Armstrong(Green Day's leader) is a son of a bitch really good when composing some cool riffs. He doesn't solo shit, but... Fuck, those songs of his group are so cool even without having a fucking solo
You can find the original scans and more from greendaybr.net. Thanks to Marie_GD for the translation

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