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Info about the new music video

By Andres / May. 27, 2007 /
Entertainment Weekly talked with Sam Bayer (director) about the upcoming Working Class Hero music video. He mentions that the video will have some dialouge from survivors of the genocide in Darfur, as well as keep the old "documentary style" of the original Lennon music video. Full Article
What's this video going to look like when it's done?
I look at this old John Lennon footage, like the sit-in in '68, and there's very much a pseudo-documentary quality to that stuff, like handheld 16mm film. So we're doing the video in black and white, and I'm trying to keep the spirit of John Lennon in the footage. I think it's got the feeling of something that could have been made in the late '60s, early '70s -- you know, when people gave a s--- about changing the world. And that I really mean.

The article also has a brief review of the recent Green Day performance on American Idol.
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