While it's just speculation right now, several sources are wondering if Green Day might be headlining the Reading and Leeds festivals in the UK this summer.

The festival's organizer, Melvin Benn, said that three top American acts are booked to headline the festivals, but he couldn't say who they were yet. He's quoted as saying: "It's not a debut headline position for one of the bands, and one of them has recently headlined."

This bit of speculation is from Virtual Festivals:
While Benn has refused to name the three acts, Rage Against The Machine, Green Day and Foo Fighters are the most likely combination. Green Day have a new album planned for 2008 and are a firm favourite with the Reading and Leeds crowds. They last played the weekender in 2004 and Benn later [said] it was one of the best comeback sets he has ever seen.

We'll just have to wait and see. Green Day were headliners at the two festivals, which run at the same time on various stages, in 2004 and 2001, and they played in 1995. Tickets go on sale in March.

In other news, the movie War, Inc, which is set to be released in the US on July 10, 2008, has a clip of the song Holiday in the trailer. Check it out.
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