Billie Joe and Adrienne wrote a message on Adeline Street and Adeline Street's MySpace with their good wishes to all of us for an amazing 2008 and reminding us to register to vote:

Rock The Vote!
Hey everyone!
We want to wish you a very happy new year! Or a pre- Happy Valentines day.... We are a little slow with the writings these days.. But....This is OUR year...our year to make a change...from our president, our communities and our future. Here's to an amazing year!!!
Adrienne & Billie Joe
Oh..and If your not registered to vote already- please go to and register!!

Green Day+NRDC's MySpace has an update on the polar bear issue they asked us to write to the president about in December. Read the whole post here.

If you live in the US, please tell your representative to support the Markey Bill. It reverses the sale of oil and gas leases until the Bush Administration makes its final decision about protecting polar bears.

There's some new Green Day merch in the official online store. I'm not exactly sure which items are new, check the forum to discuss all the merch. And there's some new stuff on Adeline Street. It's not Green Day related, but there are some cool vintage women's pajamas, and two new shirts.
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