MTV News also had the chance to listen to and review 6 songs from the new album, 21st Century Breakdown. They seems to give a bit more detail about the music, giving many more references to the styles that certain parts of the songs remind them of. They also posted a few more lyrics referencing those songs. Hearing these initial reviews has really got me excited for this album. I was already excited solely because it was a Green Day album - but hearing reviews that this album (from the previews they've heard) seems to hold up against the greatness of American Idiot really makes me happy.

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Green Day cover a lot of ground, and they do it with a style and swagger that's admirable, especially given all the expectations weighing on them this time around. Taking cues from classic rock, going for the massive once again, they're not backing down from the fight. Apparently, Breakdown will feature 16 songs. It's not known whether they all pack as much punch as the ones we heard last night, but we can't wait to find out.
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