Spin magazine has confirmed that "21st Century Breakdown"will be released May 15th, on a Friday. The story is the headline on the front page of Spin.com. They also confirm that "Know Your Enemy" will be the first single, and will be released to digital retailers (Amazon MP3, iTunes, etc.) and radio in mid-April.

Q Magazine has a new article out with an in-depth look at the creative process into 21st Century Breakdown. It's a lengthy article, covering various parts of the bands history, as well as giving us the complete list of songs (with quotes from the band about each song), and give some details . There will be 17 songs on the album (17 confirmed, the article mentions that the band was finishing another song titled "Desperate", that they were trying to get it into the final cut). It's a really great interview that you should definitely take the time to read. There's some great photos in there as well. You can view the gallery of the pictures from their photoshoot here.

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