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The New York Times announced that "American Idiot" has been turned into a musical and will debut in Berkley, CA at the Repertory Theater on September 4 and run through October 11th.

The musical was created by Michael Mayer, award-winning director of "Spring Awakening." The article mentions that he met with the band a couple times last year to talk about the ideas for it, and added orchestrations by Tom Kitt and choreography by Steven Haggett.

The band gave their support for the project after being convinced by Mayer that it would work. Billie Joe says "It doesn't make a lot of sense" that Green Day would lead to a musical, but when people see this, it'll be his wildest dream. The article ends with the reminder that the Who successfully turned 'Tommy' into a musical. They also mention that another band inspirational to Green Day, The Clash, never turned their "ambitious albums" into a musical, to which Billie Joe said, "I guess maybe we’re a bit more fruity than the Clash."

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