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Think that when you go and see Green Day you just expect to see the band play? Well think again! On the 21st Century Breakdown tour Green Day has gotten a hold of artist Logan Hicks to find a group of artists to create artwork around each song on 21st Century Breakdown along with portraits of the Green Day trio. Each piece of artwork gives the artist's interpretation of the song.

“We are really excited to be touring with this incredible show,” says Armstrong. “Seeing the pieces that our new album has inspired is very exciting. Many of the artists Logan has chosen show their work on the street, and we feel a strong connection to that type of creative expression. We think the fans coming out to see us on the road will love it.”

You can view all of the artwork and read the press release over on OneBigFreakShow.com by clicking here. News Via: NothingWrongWithMe.com.

Also the Idiot Club has some nice exclusive backstage photos from the tour in their photo gallery.
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