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GD+NRDC (Green Day's collaboration with the National Resource Defense Council) has a booth and some volunteers walking around at the New York shows (last night in Madison Square Garden, and again tonight at Gate 65).

They posted a couple pictures on their MySpace blog. They're signing up people for support of the NRDC causes, everything from protecting wildlife to helping fix global warming. They will be at Green Day shows tonight in New York, as well as shows in Washington DC, San Jose, and LA. Go by and say hi to the group if you see them.

Oh yeah, I'm back. I took a nice little break for just over a week, went to visit my parents, enjoyed the cool weather of northern New Mexico and did some other stuff that I'm sure none of you care about at all. It was enjoyable though. I will be doing a lot of work on the site, so expect some new contests and other stuff coming your way real soon.
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