'Green Day is Rock Hall shoo-in'

By Matt / Oct. 17, 2010 /
Paul Lane of the Niagara Gazette recently wrote an article about Green Day and how they are a "shoo-in" for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Lane claims that they are "destined" to be inducted their first year of eligibility which is in 2015 (Rock HOF rules state that artists are not eligible until 25 years after their first official album release).

Lane also talks about how this wouldn't have been the case before American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. He thinks that American Idiot really did it for the band and for the media. He saw the band last summer in Darien Lake and was blown away by their performance.
"During an era in which grunge cast a melancholy shadow over the music scene, Green Day allowed listeners to have a bit of fun. Later, when hip hop and Auto-Tune pop made a mockery of the industry, Green Day proved that music can still be relevant to the world and push for change, rekindling the spirit if not the sound of punk."

You can read the great article from the Niagara Gazette by clicking here.
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