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Here at GDA, we're working to open the opportunity for our visitors to 'off-line' pieces of work featuring Green Day, by helping to distribute items that you might not otherwise be able to find. We're delighted to begin distributing Fluke fanzine #9.

Fluke fanzine, started in North Little Rock, Arkansas by Jason White, Steve Schmidt, and Matthew Thompson in 1991, is celebrating its 20th anniversary issue this summer. Since 1993, Matthew Thompson has been publishing Fluke and current issue #9 contains an interview with Green Day guitarist Jason White. Matthew and Jason met as teenagers in N. Little Rock, and recently caught up during Green Day's stop in Phoenix on the 2010 "21st Century Breakdown 'Awesome as Fuck' Tour."

Having read some excerpts, I can tell you it's a great read and Matthew's interview with Jason White (on Green Day's tour bus!) offers Green Day fans fascinating insights, such as:

- how Jason discovered punk rock.
- how he met and became involved with Green Day.
- how he met Aaron Cometbus.
- how he became a member of Pinhead Gunpowder.
- biggest life and musical influences.
- what a day in the life on tour as Green Day is like.

Fluke #9 also contains other interviews, comics and more wrapped up in Fluke style. The 'zine costs a very reasonable $2, plus shipping. You can pre-order yours from the GDA store now. We will begin shipping these mid-July.
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