recently did a segment listing five classic rock songs "that suck." "Good Riddance" topped the list because of "the fact that 14 year old girls all over the world love this song and want to put it in iMovie video collages about those crazy times at sleepaway."

The article, as per usual when dislike of the band is up for discussion, also debated Green Day's status as punk-rock musicians:

"But Green Day basically always got on my nerves for writing pure pop songs and claiming to be punk. Stepping on a distortion pedal and affecting a ridiculous pseudo sex pistols accent doesn't make you a punk band. I was content to just say, "Oh, Green Day. You're inoffensive. You write pleasant little power pop songs," but they really held to that "we're punk" thing in the 90s and yeah , it bugged me."

The whole article, including the other four songs that Cracked condemned, can be read here. Personally, I would be more inclined to respect the opinion of a person who had more of a defense than the fact that 14-year-old girls like the song, but to each his own.

Thanks to Matt for sending this news.
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