A couple weeks ago we asked people to record a Green Day song (including Foxboro/Network) for a chance to win an "Awesome As Fuck" vinyl autographed by Billie Joe, Mike and Tre.

We're happy to announce the winner of the autographed vinyl, Kris Schobert, who sent in his version of "Westbound Sign". Listen to it below


We picked this one for a couple reasons. First off, Kris has talent. I also love that he did something new with the song. The music is very different from the original and it helps put the lyrics in a new frame of mind. Brilliant.

Congrats to Kris on getting the autographed vinyl. He let us know he's putting out his own album in a month or two, we'll post about it when it's done. For now, you can listen to some of his other music from 'Walter Mitty and his Makeshift Orchestra' where Kris is the percussionist. You can download their 5 song album "Cliché Definitions of Success" for free on BandCamp.com.

Here are four other entries that we thought were really awesome.

Janick Thibault - American Idiot - Download

Well known on YouTube. Here's a video of him covering this song. Awesome quality of recording as well.

The Fairfield Sounds - Supermodel Robot - Download

Another song that was changed a lot from the original. I love the way this sounds, added to my iPhone right away.

The Glenn Robinsons - Don't Leave Me - Download

Really awesome cover, and agree with this sentiment that it's one of Green Day's most underrated songs.

Panic Land - Good Riddance - Download

Changed the song by adding a full band behind it. Punked up version. I dig it.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to record something and participate in the contest. We got 90 entries in all, and it wasn't easy picking the winner. We'll be adding downloads for the entries above momentarily.
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