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Green Day

My favourite part...

"You're standing so damn close
My body begins to swell"

What sort of band could be so egotistical that it has the same name in both song and band? The greatest Goddamn band on the planet, that's who! Judges, I rest my case.

From the very offset of this song I'm warped back in time to Uni days spent doing nothing much other than getting absolutely stoned off my nut. As the song begins there's that couple of seconds of bubbling water that just clicks in my mind and, all of a sudden, I step back to the past. Back to my ex-flat mates tiny box room rauting bong after bong of solid (hash) as joints get passed round left, right and centre. The water having been mixed with a bottle of poppers creating an effect of a couple of seconds of blindness followed by the feeling of my brain swelling beyond the size of its skull as words escape my lips quicker than I care to understand them. (I actually have no idea how I even remember that night!)

Green Day is almost the mirror opposite of Disappearing Boy for me and reminds me of all the good times and highs drugs brought me.

As a song I find its delivery is incredible, with the long drawn out words of 'Picture Sounds', 'Lay around' and 'Swell' capturing the lazy feeling that being stoned can bring perfectly. I must have spent a large part of 6 years lounging around with the classic red-eye and an imagination 'so surreal'.

Before this turns into a promotion of drugs, I have to say I was lucky I was in control and stopped before I went completely doolally, but I will openly admit this song truly reminds me of the fun I had with it when 'I found something new'.

by Carl Anastasi
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