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This week's Song of the Week is the cynical Scumbag, originally released as a b-side to the Warning single, but better known as track 8 off Green Day's compilation album, Shenanigans (2001). The song was also featured on the soundtrack of the 2001 movie American Pie 2.

Scumbag's lyrics were penned by Mike, and describe a person who leaches off others, coming around "every now and then" once they've "run out of [other] friends" to exploit and use. The 'scumbag' only shows up when they want or need something, each time with different clothes, a "shit-eating grin and a brand new lie", but underneath all that is the "same thing again and again". Musically, Scumbag is classic Green Day; short, fast, simple and upbeat, with Billie's signature snotty vocals adding to the contempt in the lyrics. It almost seems like the song doesn't end properly - the abrupt finish to the song sounds a lot like the brief pause after the line "did you run outta friends?" that is followed by another verse; almost like the song could be played on a never-ending loop; the 'scumbag' repeating his actions - "the same thing again and again".

Unsurprisingly for a Shenanigans track, there is no live version of Scumbag to be found, so here's the studio version:

Lyrics for the song can be found here, and this is Scumbag's Song of the Week thread, where you'll find some member-discussion. Feel free to stop by and post your opinion or nominate next week' song.
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