The Foxboro Hot Tubs just finished playing two shows in Austin, TX. View photos, setlist and more for each show: March 14th and March 15th.
The newest issue of Kerrang, which is out now, features Billie Joe on the cover (amongst other artists) with the title "Rock Icons of the 21st Century". The issue also includes a poster of the band from the 90's.

The article talks about Green Day's story a bit, and has a short interview with Billie Joe at the end. It's definitely worth the read.
"You've been voted the number one rock icon of the 21st century. How does it feel?
"I'm kind of shocked by it! But i work so much and I stay so busy doing whatever - from Green Day to Foxboro to Pinhead Gunpowder - that it's only when you stop and look around you that you realize, "Oh shit, people think this of me." But it's great. I feel honored""

There's also a page about Billie Joe inducting The Stooges into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Here's the full article

Thanks to Ally for posting the scan on the forum.
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