Working Class Heroes. Article from Rolling Stone Nov. 2005
Spin magazine recently got in on the latest whirlwind of Green Day related news with a short article about the upcoming song 99 Revolutions. The article is based on Billie Joe's recent interview with Rolling Stone.

As most people have probably surmised by now, Green Day are no longer living in the basement where they filmed 'Longview'. With the turf of being a successful rock band comes the fact that you're probably going to make money, dough, the green stuff, and Billie Joe mentions as much in the new interview.

Green Day have always had their finger on the political pulse, whether it's evident in their music or not, and the events earlier this year with the Occupy Oakland movement inspired the song 99 Revolutions, which led to this article. Many people have different views on what the protests meant, as various different groups were involved with the various events that took place. Billie acknowledges that although he's technically part of the 1%, he still feels much more in common with the 99%, remembering his upbringing.

The article goes on to reveal more specifics about the upcoming trio of albums, mentioning that a double album was thought about at first, but then quickly scrapped, as the band realized that only a trio of albums would do.

Billie's quote about being able to "afford for my kids to go to a good college" might seem a little ironic after listening to Insomniac's "Brat," but then again, things are very different now than they were then...

Thanks to Ellegee for sending this news and to Alex for his help.
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