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In the latest issue of Billboard, which was just released today, the magazine sheds some light on the marketing aspects of the upcoming trilogy of albums, as it relates to a tour, TV appearances, singles, and much more.

As we've noticed, releasing three albums within a couple months of each other can certainly cause some headaches and confusion for not only us consumers, but for the marketing team at Warner Brothers/Reprise as well. Billboard has sat down with Warner co-president/COO Livia Tortella to talk about the market strategies behind ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré!.

You can read the scans of the magazine in our articles section but here are some of the highlights:

According to Tortella, the band is currently planning and booking a North American tour that will run from November 2012 through January of 2013. Tickets for these shows will be "bundled" with the albums. Not exactly sure what that means or how it'll work at this point, but I'm sure we'll know more soon. More live performance notes: Billboard says MTV's Music Video Awards on September 6th is "highly likely as well." Also, the American Music Awards show is being booked as we speak.

As for singles, Tortella mentions to Billboard that after "Oh Love" is released on July 16th, there will be another single released around August 13th, accompanied by a video of some sort. There will be three songs total released
The band recording in Tarzana, CA
from ¡Uno!. The first video/single from ¡Dos! will likely be released in mid-September. They don't mention anything about singles from ¡Tré!

"We're presenting selections of songs so everyone knows there are three albums. Once the consumer campaign starts and the music gets out, it will make a ton of sense. We'll give everything its own time in the sun."

Ms. Tortella is instilling confidence in me that Warner has a good plan to market and promote the three-album release. Something good is needed after the last album and it sounds like Warner is going to do this correctly and with some sense.

The Billboard article has presented us with some noteworthy tracks:

1. "Let Yourself Go" - A high-energy gem
2. "Kill the DJ" - Revisits funk the way the Clash did in the early '80s
3. "Troublemaker" - Billie Joe Armstrong whips out his trademark sneer

1. "Amy" - A John Lennon-esque tribute to Amy Whinehouse
2. "Stray Heart" - Pop-driven song with melodic and harmony references to soul and Carolina beach music
3. "Nightlife" - A party tune that tips its hat to gangster-leaning R&B <---- Wtf?

1. "Brutal Love" - Marries glam-rock, doo-wop and soul music. Includes swelling strings at its conclusion
2. "99 Revolutions" - A remind of the potency of Green Day's early sound

As Billboard announced the other day, there will be two new documentaries coming out next year. According to Billboard, there is a possibility that DVDs of the films could be attached as a bonus for people who preorder all three albums (which is coming July 16th).
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