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Here at GDA, we love what we do. We do our best to keep you updated about anything that's going down in Green Day-land. However, there are some other great sites and Twitter accounts that are doing just the same! With everything that's currently going on involving the new trilogy, singles, videos, and even documentaries, now is the time to stay up to date!

While there are quite a few good Green Day sites out there, we'll focus on three: @GreenDayRumors, @GreenDayMind, and @GDEulogy.

Green Day Rumors: This is a great site that just sprang up quite recently. As I mentioned above (and as all fans well know), Green Day has their plate pretty full as of late! @GreenDayRumors posts unconfirmed information and speculation. At GDA, we try to only post what's confirmed. So, check up on what these guys have to say, and if we can get things confirmed, you'll see a full writeup here!

Green Day Mind: Another brilliant site/Twitter account, run by Tanya, who many of you already know. She posts some interesting Green Day-related stories on her website, and maintains the @GreenDayMind Twitter account. This account also posts about major events, and gives some commentary on these as well.

Green Day Eulogy: This last site is a Brazilian-run webpage, which means that the information on it is in Portuguese. If you're from on of the Portuguese-speaking regions of South America, or overseas, this is the site for you! @GDEulogy post great recaps of major Green Day news, so that even if you don't speak or read much English, you're covered!

Feel free to tell us about your favorite Green Day websites/Twitter accounts in the comments! Keep on visiting these sites, and checking the affiliated Twitter accounts......and of course, keep visiting us at GDA too!! You can find us at twitter @GDA.
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