Green Day: The Studio Albums box set
After seeing various preorders on foreign sites for a number of weeks now, Green Day has officially announced that they will be releasing a box set of all of their studio albums from 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours all the way to the band's latest release, 21st Century Breakdown.

The box set is set to be released later this month on the 27th except in the United States where it will be available on September 4th. A preorder for the box set is already available on and is listed for just over $50, not bad for eight physical albums.

From the looks of the image that was given alongside of the announcement it seems like the CDs will be inside of cardboard sleeves rather than the plastic jewel cases that we're accustomed to. This could possibly mean that you wouldn't get the lyric booklet that would come with the normal albums. This is just me making an assumption though, looks like we will need to wait for the box set to come out to know for sure.

If you want to go all digital with this box set, iTunes has an album entitled The Green Day Collection available for $100. This set gets you just about every Green Day song that's currently on the iTunes store along with a few music videos.
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