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By Courtney /May. 29, 2002 / Comments
Don't forget to plant your ass in front of MTV at 10:30PM EST to watch Diary with Green Day and blink-182. The Official Pop Disaster Tour Website posted some pictures taken by Adrienne at the May 28th show. We got them here (Concert Pictures Page 5). The awesome picture in this update is also from there. The pictures from the Children's Hospital Meet & Greet were also finally posted. Check them out here. A lot of odds and ends were added around the site. A new poll was added on the GDA Poll, and also I put a poll archive. Here are the results of the last poll:

What do people do concerning Green Day that pisses you off the most?

It's Green Day, NOT Greenday! : 13 Votes (9%)

It's Billie/Tre, not Billy/Trey! : 12 Votes (9%)

"Dookie was their first album, right?" : 26 Votes (19%)

"OMG Billie/Mike/Tre is like soooo hot!" : 10 Votes (7%)

They say Green Day isn't punk. : 76 Votes (55%)

Total Votes : 137

I also updated the Fan List with new information about some members. Collector's Corner was among the updated as well. Now I need to tell you this story. I was driving to my job interview this morning, and I was listening to Y100 Radio Station. I didn't catch all they were saying, but I guess they had sort of a contest between blink 182 and Green Day. Well they were interviewing Tre and they said that blink 182 comes in second so they get a porn video. Then they go Tre since you guys came in first you get a bobbing head doll. Tre was mad because he wanted the porn. Does anyone know what the deal was with this? Also I would like reviews from May 28th show, since I could have went and choose Hershey, PA instead. If anyone wants to write me a review, check out the reviews page, pictures would be great too! Just e-mail them to me! I'm also looking for more pictures from the Hershey, PA show. Just send me any information! Oh and I almost forgot that I added a ton of new Fan Art and I still have more to post! I could deal with more, if you wanna send some in. Wow this was a hell of a big update!
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