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Screen shot from the Idiot Club interview
Yesterday, the Idiot Club posted an exclusive video interview with Mike Dirnt answering fan submitted questions. The interview with filmed during Green Day's time in Japan last week and features some behind the scenes footage of Mike during soundcheck.

My favorite question that was asked in the interview was submitted by Melissa Webster. Melissa asked if the media reports were true that the bands upcoming trilogy was going to be "all about sex." Mike replied by saying the following:

"Even though there are a lot of songs about sex, drugs, and rock and roll, there are songs about really deep self reflection and songs about taking life by the horns. It's all across the board, we're people just like you and those songs will come out in the same emotional tantrums that you have."

Head on over to the Idiot Club to watch the interview. Hopefully the Idiot Club will post the second part of the interview next week.

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