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Well, if you've entered into the Green Day realm any time in the past week or so (or read any tabloids!), you know about what happened during Green Day's set at the iHeartRadio music festival last Friday. Billie Joe got a bit carried away with the "fuck"s, and stormed offstage after breaking his guitar. Everyone has their moments, and Billie Joe had his, but we still love him and the rest of the band just the same.

This week, our featured eBay item is a "spoof" shirt called "Green Day The Vegas Album" that chronicles the key points in Billie Joe's rant. This is just a fan-made shirt, poking fun at the whole thing. The guy is actually selling 9 of the shirts right now, so more than one of you can get your hands on one. Each shirt is $23.99, and ships free worldwide.

Update 3:20pm: The seller has re-listed the item with more shirts available.

Here's the "track list" that's shown on the shirt:

"1. F*ck this shit!
2. One f*cking minute left!?!
3. You're gonna give me one f*cking minute?
4. I've been around since f*cking 198 f*cking 8
5. You've gotta be f*cking kidding me!
6. What the fuck?!?
7. I'm not f*cking Justin Bieber, you motherf*ckers!
8. You've gotta be f*cking joking
9. Show what one f*cking minute f*cking means

Bonus Track: Guitar Smash

God f*cking love you all,
We'll be back ;)"

An interesting shirt, right?! Wear it with pride!

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