Green Day in the latest Q magazine
Green Day is in the latest Q magazine answering questions from fans. I'll say right off the bat, definitely one of my favorite interviews. How about a sample?

"Tre, I've heard that when Green Day first got started you milked a dog, you have a tattoo of Mike's name on your bottom, and that you lost a testicle in a unicycle accident. Are any or all of these true?

Tre: They've got that a little messed up. Yes, I once did milk a dog because there was no cream for my coffee but I actually lost a testicle in Mike's bum.

On the song Longview you sing about "when masturbation lost it's fun". How do you know when you've reached that plateau?

Billie: I don't know exactly. I masturbated three times yesterday. Was it fun? About as much fun as I'm going to get when my wife's not around"

Go read the full Q&A to hear some stories about doing acid, the cartoon character they'd most like to have sex with, and why Tre changed his name.

Thanks to stuart_and_the_ave for posting these scans on the forum.
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