The Foxboro Hot Tubs chillin' at the bar
Lately, we've featured a slew of ¡Uno!-themed eBay items, so this week's items will focus on ¡Dos! least kinda. ¡Dos! has been repeatedly referred to as "the second Foxboro Hot Tubs album" by Green Day. This prospect is exciting a lot of fans, since many loved the loose, raucous sound of the Foxboro Hot Tubs' first and only album, Stop Drop and Roll!!!. That said, get ready for the "next FBHT album," coming on November 13th!

One seller on eBay has a TON of leftover shirts from the Foxboro Hot Tubs' small 2008 US club tour. These were the only full shows that Green Day has ever played under this alter-ego. The merchandise featured in these auctions looks to be what's called "new old-stock," meaning new examples of apparel made previously. It's near impossible to find Foxboro Hot Tubs merchandise anywhere (trust me), and this stuff is all the real deal. The seller has about 6 different examples of shirts, both men's and women's stuff. There are even different sizes to choose from for most items.

There's only one of each size for most of this stuff. If you want to check and see if there are duplicates in your size, click this link, and scroll through to look for your specific item/size. Now, look at all this awesome stuff!

EDIT (10/24): The same seller has posted more of the exact same things, so all of the links below the pictures have been updated. This second round of auctions all end on Wednesday night, so act quickly! Get your Foxboro stuff while you can!

Sizes: Sm, Lg
Sizes: Sm, M, Lg, XL, XXL

Sm, M

Sm, M, Lg, XL

Sm, M, Lg, XL
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