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I'm excited to share with you guys a project needed here on GDA for quite some time, yes, a Green Day biography. It's shameful we haven't had one in so long but I think the new one is worthy of the largest Green Day fan site on the net.

Billie Joe, John Kiffmeyer, and Mike Dirnt at Gilman St. Late 80's
The first part is up now, titled "The Early Years: Childhood - Kerplunk" and chronicals the earliest years of Green Day's formation including their entrance to the 924 Gilman scene in Berkeley, California. Here's a paragraph from the bio:

"When Billie Joe and Mike first attempted to book shows at Gilman, they consistently failed to even get the lowest slot on the bill. Their demo tapes were dismissed as not being punk enough. In 1987, their luck changed when they drunkenly asked John Kiffmeyer (nicknamed "Al Sobrante") to join their band as a drummer. The fame that Sobrante had garnered as the drummer for locally-famous punk band Isocracy marked a turning point in Sweet Children's budding career."

The piece was written by @eastjosnowhere, edited and fact-checked by members of our forum. Much of it is based on the book "Nobody Likes You" by Marc Spitz - which remains (in my opinion) the best book written about Green Day.

Our biography will have three parts total as follows:
The Early Years: Childhood - Kerplunk (released today)
The Middle Years: Dookie - The Network (Coming Novemer 16th)
Current Years: American Idiot - Trilogy (Coming November 23rd)
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