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Green Day in the studio recording 21st Century Breakdown
This Tuesday, October 30th, Green Day will be premiering their new music video for "The Forgotten" on MTV at 6:55pm EDT. "The Forgotten," is being released on soundtrack of the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn, Part II.

I think that it would be logical to say that the music video will be themed around the movie. This also begs the question, will Green Day actually be in the music video at all? At this point it's hard to say, but by looking at some other music videos that have been Twilight themed I think it is safe to say the band will at least make an appearance. Some other Twilight themed videos include "Decode" by Paramore and "Meet Me On the Equinox" by Death Cab for Cutie.

ET Online also published an article regarding Twilight saying they would also be airing the music video.

"The Forgotten" is also the closing track of ¡Tré!, the final album in Green Day's trilogy. You can hear a 90 second preview of the song over on iTunes.
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