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EW's "Must List"
Entertainment Weekly has had the chance to listen to and review ¡Dos!.

EW gives the album a B+, despite some not-good yet not-bad things to say about it. This was more of a commentary than a review. None-the-less, it's an interesting read.

The most interesting comment is the one about the timing of the subject of this record.
"Considering frontman Billie Joe Armstrong's recent rehab stint, the hedonistic vibe on ¡Dos!, the second in a trilogy, may feel ill-timed."

To read the full commentary, check out Entertainment Weekly's website.

EW also included ¡Dos! on their weekly "Must List." You can check out the blurb about it to the right.

With the release of the album a little more than a week away, we are expecting more reviews to start pouring in this week. Keep checking back for those. If you missed NME's review of it, we posted about it last week. Check that out here.
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