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As you all know, Green Day is still in "break-mode," and the band has unfortunately remained pretty low-key throughout the release period for ¡Dos!, and now, ¡Tré!. Right before the release of ¡Dos!, we asked you guys to do whatever you could come up with to promote the album. We did great. Mike even posted a picture from our forum on his Instagram account, and thanked us for our support! This time, we're asking you guys to go all out again to promote ¡Tré!.

Despite the relative lack of activity (versus what the band would normally do to promote new albums), the guys are posting a lot of Instagram pictures. Follow all three of them (Billie Joe, Mike, and Tré) on Instagram for great photo-updates!

Speaking of Instagram: yesterday evening, Billie Joe posted a picture from one of Green Day's summer photo shoots. He added the caption, "I hereby declare December 11 to be international GREEN DAY holiday forever!!!" So today, December 11th, is now officially a Green Day holiday. I hereby give all of you permission to go batshit-crazy. Like you needed it, right?...

One major Green Day event that we know will be coming up in the next month or so: the filming of Green Day's next music video, most likely for ¡Tré!. We know this because of the contest being run by Until December 24th, you can enter to fly to Hollywood and be with Green Day on the set of their next video shoot, likely taking place sometime in January. Since there are so many single-quality songs on ¡Tré!, we won't even try to speculate as to which song will be made into a video this time around. But, at least that gives us something to look forward to!

As you may remember, Green Day's official site posted about an ongoing contest to help promote ¡Dos! and ¡Tré!. Readers are now encouraged to produce something creative (could be anything -- a graphic, poster, banner, blog, review, song, etc.) that helps promote ¡Tré!. Then, later this month, Mike Dirnt will pick his favorite entry, and "follow" their Instagram account for a month, just like he did after he chose one lucky fan's way of promoting ¡Dos!. You can post your submissions in the comments section of this post.

Believe it or not, you can help promote ¡Tré! in an even simpler fashion: spread the word using your social media accounts! Below are some suggestions, but as long as you use the hashtag #TRE, you're doing some good!:

  • Facebook status: "Green Day's new album, ¡Trè!, is out! Go listen to it, because I said so!"

  • Twitter post: "Green Day's new album ¡Trè! is out TODAY! Go listen! #TRE"

Post pictures of your ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and especially ¡Tré! items to Instagram/Twitter, and be sure to mention @GDA in your posts! We'll RT lots of fan photos from our Twitter account!

These pictures are also a great way to spread the word about ¡Tré!. Feel free to download and use these as you please! One is formatted to perfectly serve as your Facebook cover photo, and the other works great as a Twitter or Facebook profile picture! Click on the image previews to view the full-size version of each.

Facebook cover photo
Twitter/Facebook profile picture

As many of you have heard for yourselves by now, ¡Tré! is a great, great album. Andres, Matt, Jimmy and I here at GDA all agree that this album is our favorite from this year's trilogy. Furthermore, we don't think the break that Green Day is taking should hurt the reputation or performance of ¡Tré!. That's why we need you! And, if you haven't heard the album, check out this post from earlier today about where you can listen to/pick up a copy of the album! We really appreciate your help in promoting this album, and so do the guys in Green Day!
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