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Uno... Dos... Trè! bundle
As we reported a couple weeks ago, Green Day has released a "bundle" of the three new albums, titled Uno... Dos... Trè. This has now become available for purchase through digital retailers such as iTunes and Amazon, as well as streaming on Spotify.

iTunes and Amazon are serving it up for $25, which is a pretty good deal for getting 3 albums worth of fantastic music. Of course, if you're a Spotify member, stream it all you want!

If you haven't legally obtained the three albums, this would be a money saving purchase for yourself. Or parents, gift it to your Green Day-loving child. Just be sure to pen-in our name on the "from" tag. Happy Holidays.

I listened to this last night and it's pretty cool to hear all three albums back to back to back. It really hammers everything down and puts it in to perspective what the band has accomplished (not to mention the cool new artwork). Now, if only the band was in the public light promoting it! That's for a different conversation...
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