A poster for the WXOU show on 1/14!
You may remember hearing streams of a a couple of Green Day-themed radio shows in back 2011, put on by WXOU radio (of Michigan). Yesterday, the two college radio station DJs posted on our forum, GDC, that they'd be doing another two hour-long Green Day-related music show on January 14th. Here are the details, and what they had to say:
"January 14 will bring a very special two-hour Green Day celebration, put on by Luke "Diamond" Phillips and myself.

For those of you who weren't there for the first two back in 2011, or for those of you who were there and forgot, here's pretty much the show in a nutshell:

Luke and I are a couple volunteer college radio DJ's. We don't get paid for what we do, and we're on a non-profit station. We do it because we love it. And for two hours, we're going to play not just Green Day tunes, but Green Day-related tunes. Get ready for the Network, Foxboro Hot Tubs, Pinhead Gunpowder, the Frustrators, the Boo and more.

Did Green Day cover another band's song? We might play the original.
Did another band cover a Green Day song? You bet that's getting played.
Was a member of Green Day involved in another band's song? You're going to hear it.

All the while, you can tweet @wxou and text 1-248-838-WXOU (9968).

In the 120 minutes allotted to us, we're going to attempt to cram in as many Green Day and Green Day-related tracks as possible. Between tunes, we'll be checking the texts and tweets, geeking out, and (dare I say it) having a blast.

GDA and GDC were both amazing at getting the word out for the first two specials, and for that I'm extremely grateful. I sincerely hope you'll help make this one just as awesome.

And it's never too early to get in some requests. Got any sort of GD or GD-related song you want to hear? Ask away in this very thread.

Also interesting and of note -- our airdate is a year and a day after the announcement that Lookout! Records shut its doors, so expect some kind of tribute in rememberance. We'll catch you over the airwaves then!"

Tune in on January 14th from 3-5pm EST (on the WXOU website) to hear what these fellow Green Day fans have in store!
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