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Carol Alba Rowland, Mike Dirnt's birth mother
Just a few short hours ago, Mike Dirnt announced the passing of his birth mother, Carol Alba Rowland, on his Instagram account. As some of you may know, Mike was put up for adoption as a young child and never got to know his birth mother until recently.

Mike had the following to say about his mothers passing and their recent meeting.
"Today we mourn the loss of "Carol Alba Rowland" my birth mother! As many of you know I was adopted. Over the last 10 years I have sought her out with the help of a good friend, only to meet her one month before her passing! I was blessed to have this moment as surreal as it was. The irony of this life never seize to amaze me, being that we were neighbors my entire life! We were able to share a cup of coffee, a cigarette and some smiles. She was a beautiful woman with a huge smile a hot temper and a kind heart. I will miss her as I did before, only now with some memories and a picture to go with the place in my heart! Love you mom!!!"

On behalf of the entire GDA team and Green Day community as a whole, I would like to send my condolences to Mike during this difficult time. You can send your own condolences to Mike by commenting on the photo he posted Instagram or by sending Tweets to @DirntOfficial.
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