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David Fricke, a writer for Rolling Stone, has put together his "My Year In Rock" 2012 review article. This article includes Green Day, amongst other artists.

Fricke talks about the band's, more specifically Billie Joe's, performance of "99 Revolutions" back in September at the band's Irving Plaza show in New York. He recollects Billie's "fury and faith" while performing the track, even when it was their 40th and final of the set.

"Billie Joe Armstrong's public meltdown in September got more column inches than Uno, Dos and Tré combined. They deserved better, especially the rage, pop and sense of "99 Revolutions," written in the aftermath of Occupy Oakland. A week before he ran off the rails in Las Vegas, Armstrong finished Green Day's New York album-release gig at Irving Plaza with this incendiary device. It was the 40th song of the set, but he sang it with a face and voice alight with sustained fury and faith. I prefer to remember the end of his year this way."

You can read David's entire article on Rolling Stone's website, where he also talks about the Rolling Stones, Phish, and the Rascals, amongst others.
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