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Best Rock Album at '09 Grammy's
One of the pages we didn't pay much attention to a year and a half ago when we "completed" our site redesign was our Green Day's Awards page. Not sure why we didn't, because it is an excellent repository of all the major awards Green Day has ever won, or been nominated for (to our knowledge). The Grammy's, VMAs, name it, we have it listed.

But we wanted to make this page better. And I think we certainly achieved that. We organized the list of awards in a cleaner and more presentable fashion, while also adding links to our Picture Vault for each particular award show. But, my favorite additions are the video links to the band's acceptance speeches for the awards they've won. Obviously, there isn't a video out there for everything, so we included anything we could find.

We certainly hope you like the page, and find it enjoyable and informational. I can say that I had a good time watching the acceptance speech videos, as it brought back many memories and shows how the band has evolved over the last 15 years of video that we could find. The number of awards the band has won or been nominated for is also truly phenomenal.

Go check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Think we may have missed something, such as an award, nomination or video? Send an email to, and I will certainly look into it. Or, just let us know in the comments section.
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