IndScene Top 10 Green Day singles, a UK-based website which provides music news and reviews, has posted an article listing their top 10 Green Day singles of all time.
"With 11 studio albums released and over 70 million copies sold worldwide during their 25-year old career, Green Day has survived reviews (both good and bad ones), commercial declines, drug abuses and depressions, just to mention a few issues. The band released 3 studio albums (‘¡Uno!’, ‘¡Dos!’, ‘¡Tré!‘ plus the documentary ‘¡CUATRO!’) in less than 4 months. They have not received the same acceptance as their last records, but this is a normal behavior with bands of their category. Let’s face it, we all criticize bands with long careers because “their new music isn’t as good as the old songs”. We still can rescue some really good songs from those 3 albums."

Spots 10-6 include 21 Guns, Kill the DJ, Brain Stew, Macy's Day Parade and Hitchin' a Ride, respectively. Check out the video below to see the top 5!

If you like the countdown of songs, I've made a Spotify playlist available with the tracks in it. Subscribe to it by clicking here.

The full article can be read over on Indscene's website.

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