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Interested in getting tickets to Green Day's newly announced show in Berkeley on April 16th? Well, if you're an Idiot Club member, you're in luck.

At 3pm EST/12pm PST (in about two hours from the time of this post), an Idiot Club exclusive pre-sale goes live. The public can access tickets on Friday so this is a good opportunity to get some tickets before the show is sold out. The venue, the Greek Theatre, has a seating capacity of only 8,500 so tickets will go pretty quick I would imagine.

To access the pre-sale, you must log-in to your Idiot Club account and then click on the link in the news post about the pre-sale.

Steps to Quickly Get Tickets:
1) Log-in to Idiot Club account
2) Click on the AristArena link in the news post about the pre-sale
3) On that website, click "Your Account" and create an account before ordering (do it before the sale starts)
4) Once 3pm EST hits, be sure you're logged in and buy tickets!

Note: The AristArena link is only accessible via

Helpful notes and reminders from Idiot Club:

- Presale tickets are limited and are offered on a first come, first served basis.
- There is a 4 ticket limits
- If the date reads sold out, please keep refreshing the page to see if tickets become available

Good luck!
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