Hello people in GDA Land. An article from MTV.com has come out with more info about the Wake Me Up video. The video, as we said last week, was directed by Sam Bayer (same as the other 3 news vids), this video is a lot more serious and much more elaborate than the others.
Here's an article about Green Day playing along side Snoop Dog and a few other American Bands for an Irish festival in July.

For those of you that have yet to see the new Holiday video, head on over the Official Green Day Site, they have all the videos from Walking Contradiction to the new Holiday video up for stream in thier Videos section.

I've put up a new poll along with the results of the old one.

Let's try this again, the comments beneath each news posts are only for new posts. Don't use them to ask us questions, don't use them as a tagboard. Use them only if you feel you want to leave a comment about something we post here in the news.

Avril Lavigne has been playing American Idiot live at her most recent shows. I've made a video of comparison between her and Green Day, watch here.
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