Ever since I heard Green Day play the song "Amanda" through the live stream of the November 2011 Red7 secret show, I've been hooked. It was by far the ¡TRÉ! song I was most anxious to hear leading up to the album's release. When I finally heard it and realized that the band had opted to take out the punchy F# - E - B -E progression that served as an intro for the Red7 version, I was surprised. I still loved the song, but that intro started the song with a slightly different feel. I also loved Billie Joe's rambling but meaningful spiel about the song and its origins that introduced the song at the 2011 gig. So, I remixed the studio version of the song to include the great intro that was dropped (taken from the bridge later in the song), and an edited bit of Billie Joe's thoughts on the song to start off the track. Hope you enjoy this new take on a great song!

If you so choose, you can download the full version of the remix in the track widget below. If you'd like to download the remix without Billie Joe's talking intro at the beginning, click here.

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