Broadway Idiot artwork
"Broadway Idiot" director, Doug Hamilton, was interviewed by Red Carpet News last October (not sure how we're just finding it) and talked about the (then upcoming) film "Broadway Idiot" and his relationship with Green Day.

"The process of the making theater interests me. When I heard Green Day, a punk rock band, was going to be doing something on Broadway, it just sounded interesting. I wasn't making this for a Green Day audience, because I didn't come at it from a Green Day point of view. I'm somebody who has introduced to Green Day through this process and found them to be incredible. I wanted to make this film that other people would find the same thing and be introduced to Green Day."

"Billie has always said he would rather get an A or an F, he doesn't want anything in between. He knows to create something really new and interesting, you gotta try new and interesting things - not do the same thing over and again. He has this genuine spirit of creation."

The full interview can be watched below.

Thanks to desertrose for posting the video on our forum
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