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Green Day in 2000. Click to view larger.
Limited Runs, an online store dedicated to selling original and vintage posters, print art, and photography, is hosting a Rock 'n' Roll Photography Show throughout 2014 in various cities across the United States.

The Rock 'n' Roll Photography Show features 10 of the rarest photographs from the rock and roll music scene, spanning multiple decades.

A shot of Green Day from 2000 is one of the 10 featured images. Taken by photographer Sean Murphy, the black and white photograph shows the band in a Berkeley, CA music shop on February 24th, 2000.

Other photos in the series feature Kurt Cobain, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Weezer, and Dave Grohl, to name a few.

Green Day's image, as well as the other photographs in the series, can be purchased from Limited Runs. The site is also selling another photo from the Murphy shoot in 2000.

The show's first event was a few weeks ago on April 25th in Los Angeles. Throughout the rest of this year, the show will be traveling to cities such as Las Vegas and New York City to display the series.
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