This week the world was shocked to learn about the passing of Chester Bennington, most well known as the vocalist of the band Linkin Park. He was found Thursday morning in his home near Los Angeles after he hanged himself the night before.

Since the announcement of Chester's death, Billie Joe and Mike have both provided their thoughts about the situation on their Instagram profiles.

Billie Joe:

"i've met Chester a couple times. he was very kind and also very smart. and one hell of a singer. mental health and drug addiction are really complex issues. but just know you are not alone. rest in peace Chester. you will be missed .. suicide prevention hotline: +1 (844) 540-5889"

"I've been quite speechless last few days to say the least. I know how much Chester, his band, and their music has meant to so many people. It really sucks to see career musicians who spend so much of their life giving their art to the world leave us so soon. My heart goes out to all the Linkin Park fans his family, and friends. Today, this is how my eight-year-old son discovered their music, and as sad as it is on one hand, I can see the beauty and eternity in the music that is left for us to celebrate. So, as rough as this time is for everybody, I'm choosing to honor the beauty of art and life, by celebrating the music, cause ultimately to me, that's what music really is. #artandlife #ripchester #linkinpark"

Like Mike, I've been taken aback by the shocking and devastating news. Linkin Park was the group that got me into the rock music genre and they were "my band" for a number of years before I latched onto Green Day. Despite Chester's well-known struggles with addiction and depression, especially evident in his lyrics, he used Linkin Park, the band's fans, and his family as a way to escape from his personal struggles. I hope he is in a better, happier place now and knows how much he meant to not just the music scene but the world; and how much he will continue to do so through his life's accomplishments. The world will be hard-pressed to find another talented and charitable man such as Chester.

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