Mike Dirnt
According to Hollywood Reporter, Mike Dirnt will be producing an upcoming Indie film titled 'Crickets.'

The film, which will also be produced by Green Day's manager Pat Magnarella, centers on the relationship of two estranged brothers. One, who is an aspiring stand-up comic, is dying of a terminal illness. He asks his brother, a depressed office drone, for one last request: to go on stage and perform his material for him to see if he ever really had talent. What he doesn't reveal, though, is that he has an even bigger surprise in store.

Mike talks about how this movie is relatable to him, given his wife Brittney's recent breast cancer diagnosis:

"I’ve been -- and a lot of people have been -- affected by illnesses and it’s a very relatable thing. The love-hate relationship between the brothers feels very real.

I'm just kind of tired of junk food movies. Here’s something that's a feel good, feel bad and feel everything movie."

Mike goes on to mention that he will also play a role in "helping out" with the music for the film.

The movie's writers, Alfredo Botello and Jack Umbrella, have completed the script and, along with Mike, are starting to assemble a team for the filming. Mike or the writers don't mention a time-frame for the film's release.

Mike and Botello have known each other for more than two decades, according to the article. Botello owns a bar in the Bay Area that Mike is known to visit.

The full article from Hollywood Reporter can be read here.

Here's another article about this from NME.
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