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Letterbomb Vol.2: A Revrad Review
Back in April 2017, we began working on the latest edition of GDA's zine to recap all the news and events that happened with Green Day and our community of during the Revolution Radio era. Nearly 2 years later we are very excited to finally be able to share Letterbomb Vol.2! The end result is a 93-page zine, featuring a month by month recap of RevRad era, a revamp of GDA's Green Day interview, a brand new Green Day Comix, an exclusive poster pull out, editorials covering the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Green Day fan community and The Longshot, as well as a ton of fan-submitted artwork and memories. It is a great physical memento to read through and look back on an amazing era.

Also available due to demand is the Letterbomb Bundle! The bundle features both issues of "Letterbomb". Vol. 1 covers the Green Day news of 2013, with the release of Uno, Dos, Tre, and the subsequent world tour and Vol. 2 covers the entire Revolution Radio era from the day 'Bang Bang' was announced until the end of 2017 as well as some in-between era events.

Here's a preview of Letterbomb Vol. 2

Preorder before December 28th and save 10%
Letterbomb Vol. 2 is available to preorder for $8.95 or get both issues of 'Letterbomb" and preorder the Letterbomb Bundle for $15

Letterbomb Vol.2 and the Letterbomb bundle will be a limited print run. Meaning if you want a copy you should pre-order, as we will not have too many extras afterward.
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