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A recent article published by ArtistDirect (and some other sources) states that Green Day has begun looking for a producer for their next album. They mention that Rob Cavallo (producer of Dookie through American Idiot) and Butch Vig (producer of 21st Century Breakdown) are among the candidates.

Even though we cannot confirm this, it still makes me very excited. I'm hoping that there isn't another 5 years between albums like there was between American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. It's great to know that the band has already begun a search for their next producer. It's also great that they have been demoing songs for the past couple months while they have been in Europe. It seems as if they want to get an early start on their next album and are really itching to get something started. I'm thinking that the musical and these demos have really got their creative "juices" flowing.

We will keep an eye on this and hopefully some new information will show up after the band's tour is done at the end of October.

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