Green Day performed in Toronto, Canada last night, and the reviews are coming in. Billie Joe sent out a tweet shortly after the show, saying
"Hello toronto. Another great show. Crowd kept getting louder and louder and louder. Highlight - falling down and eating shit hard! Smiley face"

Here's an article from the Toronto Sun:
Manic Green Day pumps out fan favorites

From the article:
"No concert is utterly perfect but if there's a benchmark for today's rock shows look no further than Green Day.

The California punk rock band didn't disappoint and made fans feel they got their money's worth and more with a spectacular three-hour non-stop marathon of favorites at Toronto's Molson Canadian Amphitheatre Wednesday night. [...]

Overall, Green Day mixed the old with the new quite well, nailing an old-school middle portion featuring Nice Guys Finish Last, the hillbilly-tinged Dominated Love Slave (with Cool and Armstrong switching spots for) and J.A.R. These seemed to complement the newer nuggets like St. Jimmy, the lengthy Jesus Of Suburbia and the foot-stomping American Idiot. A Canadian flag with "Canadian Idiot" written on it by fans was something Armstrong clung to throughout the evening."

We'd like to hear from those of you who attended last night, leave us your thoughts in the comments.
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