Billie Joe's new signature guitars
It appears that during the "Revolution Radio Tour" Billie Joe found time to once again collaborate with the Gibson Guitar Company to produce his fifth signature guitar. Billie Joe first hinted at the new guitar in an Instagram post back in September 2017 when he shared an image of one of the prototypes he was using during the "Revolution Radio Tour."

The 2018 LP Jr. Billie Joe Armstrong Signature is a modern take on Gibson's historic 50's era Les Paul Junior, and as Billie Joe puts it "built to rock out on". The guitar is available in three different colored finishes: Ebony, Maraschino Cherry, and Sonic Blue. The guitars are priced at $1,399.00, which is to be expected for a good-quality Gibson guitar.

In a new video, Billie Joe talks about the inspiration behind the new ’50s era Les Paul Junior signature models – which have been designed as "a blank canvas for aspiring artists" – as well as discussing his guitar heroes growing up. Take a look at the Have a look a the new guitars, and see what Billie Joe’s got to say about ’em, below.

Billie Joe has worked with Gibson on four other signature guitars in the past. In 2006, Gibson released the Billie Joe Armstrong signature Les Paul Junior, modeled after Billie Joe's beloved, beat-to-hell '56 Junior, "Floyd." The Billie Joe Armstrong J-180, modeled after the acoustic guitar Billie Joe used during the 21st Century Breakdown tour encores. The Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior Double Cut, modeled to resemble one of Billie Joe's vintage double-cutaway Les Paul Juniors was released in 2012. Finally the Billie Joe Armstrong ES-137 from Gibson Memphis semi-hollow cam out back in 2014.

If you're on the hunt for a guitar and have some cash to shell out, you can't go wrong with a Gibson. The five models mentioned above are really great guitars, and can help you achieve the "Green Day sound." Got one of the older Billie Joe signatures? Tell us about it in the comments!
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