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Don Hill's in New York, NY
October 14, 1997
Other Acts:
Squeezebox House Band
  • Incomplete setlist
  • azo: "The queens (Sherry Vine, Raven O, etc.) and Pat Briggs (of Psychotica) did a few songs around 1am. They went over like a lead balloon on the mostly industry crowd.
    At 2, Green Day came on and did about 6 or 7 songs. I remember they played Welcome to Paradise and Chump, an old song, and a new one. Then they were goofing and playing one bar of all these covers like Eye of The Tiger. REALLY funny. They were asking the crowd for requests and it seemed no one could come up with the names of any Green Day songs so they were shouting out for cover tunes. Billie Joe switched places with the drummer and played one more old song. All in all I think everybody had a good time except maybe for the guy who cut his hand in the mosh pit on some broken glass and had to be taken to the hospital. And, these guys are so unaffected and nice, it is hard to beleive."
  • The Reynolds Archives: "Green Day’s record company had a release party at a NYC club called Don Hill’s. The guys decided to play sometime around 1:00 a.m., so I moved up the front, not expecting the crowd to mosh I was wrong. At the end of the second song, a couple of people fell on me, and as I fell onto the stage, I put my hand through a beer bottle. A piece of glass went right through my ring finger. I stood up, pulled out the glass, then freaked, thinking I had lost a finger. The band stopped the show, and the ambulance arrived quickly. I still have some nerve damage, but I can type at full speed again. And I’m semi-famous, as my injury made it to a couple of websites. A month later I saw Green Day again, without hurting my finger. They all signed my E-R wrist band, and inspected the scars to make sure I was okay."
Photos from New York, NY
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1. Welcome to Paradise
2. Chump
3. Nice Guys Finish Last
4. Longview
5. Paper Lanterns
6. Dominated Love Slave
7. My Generation (The Who cover)
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