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The State Theatre in Detroit, MI
November 20, 1997
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  • Stacey Lynn: "Throwin' in back to my very first show ever at the Fillmore back when it was The State Theatre. Look at those service fees..."
  • DD: "There was a big group going down to State Theatre to see Green Day so I gave in and let my daughter Stacie go. In 1997 her ticket cost her only $17 which wasn't bad for a pretty hot band."
  • "I saved up my money and now I was flying to Detroit to see Green Day. They were palying at the State Theatre. I arrived there an hour and a half early and got a a glimpse of the band. Mike and Tre went in first, then so did Billie holding his son Joey with a court jester hat on. I shook Billie's hand and he said, 'Alright, see you all inside in a little while.' All the girls started to scream and yell. After that all the people went to stand in line to get good seats. But I stayed outside with a group of guys just talking. All of a sudden Nice Guys Finish Last comes on, and then Welcome To Paradise. This was their soundcheck. Me and my dad then butted the line and got first row in the balcony. Green Day roadies set up the drums and amp stacks. A big curtain came down behind the drum set. Ramones songs were played in the background. That stopped and Whip It came on. The lights went on and Tre summersalted onto the stage, Billie hit a chord and Mike hopped around. They started with Going To Pasalacqua - this was the best. Billie said, 'It's been two years too long, dammit.' Then they played Geek Stink Breath. Billie said, 'This dude in the front row keeps saying, 'Fuck pussy, fuck pussy,' but I think he's been fucked in the ass too many times.' It was funny as hell. Some dude played Knowledge and during Paper Lanterns Billie said he was short on clothes and everybody threw clothes on stage. Billie put 15 or so shirts on. The show ended with Paper Lanterns, but the encore was still to come. Tre smashed the shit out of his drums and Mike got up on his amps, threw beer and water into the crowd and all over the sound guy. After the show I met Tre, got his autograph, and shook hands. This was the greatest."
Photos from Detroit, MI
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1. Nice Guys Finish Last (Soundcheck)
2. Welcome To Paradise (Soundcheck)
3. Going To Pasalacqua
4. Geek Stink Breath
5. Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover)
6. Paper Lanterns
7. Scattered
8. Prosthetic Head
9. When I Come Around
10. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
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